Summary about Office of Science and Technology Development,

China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)



    Office of Science and Technology Development, China University of GeosciencesWuhan) is a departments of executive function which work for science and technology. It is placed under the leadership of the Party committees of the university and the administration engaging in the management of scientific and technological research. Department offices are equipped with Comprehensive Information, Sci-tech Development, Cooperation by Production, Study and Research, Humanities and Social Science, Sci-tech Achievements and Intellectual Property Management, Base Construction and Major Projects, Academic Exchange, Military Project. And the office about Association of Sci-tech, Centre for the Study of the Sci-Tech of Space, Center for the Study of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Geological Sci-Tech Information, Safety and Environmental Engineering, Chinese Journal of Engineering Geophysics also work for the Sci-tech Administration.

    Sci-Tech Administration firmly establishes the people-oriented management thought to serve our school’s scientists wholeheartedly. It also seek to create a favorable internal environment and encourage the majority of scientists actively seek all kinds of projects. Sic-Tech Administration through the harsh, standard, scientific and efficient management keeping a high level of innovation, training high-level technical innovation and increasing the university’s academic level and academic standing. Finally, enhancing the strength and promoting the comprehensive development of the university.  

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